Monday, December 5, 2011

Rough Draft

When I first thought about making a quilt using family photos, I planned on doing a kind of free-form patchwork - decide on the block size, choose the photo, and filling the spaced with fabric. This was one of the initial blocks I made:

I planned on filling in the large blocks with embroidery.

What about using this same concept but the patchwork blocks would be crazy blocks. This block is 10" square so at least one of those sections would have to be 6" to fulfill the requirement for the CQJP.
I also started a cq block building around one of the photos:

So I'm curious about your thoughts. Would this work?


  1. Yes, I think this approach would work very, very well! I'm doing some CQ blocks with photos too, except mine only have one photo per block. I like yours better, with more photos!

  2. Thanks, Allison. I hoped the new approach would show off the photos better.


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