Monday, May 24, 2010

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

This might be the best blog ever:

Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Run your mouse over the orange band.

Emmylou Harris on June 25th! Oh, I hope I can get there!

Heritage Park

My DD and I took the beast for a walk at Heritage Park on Sunday.

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It's a popular walk but not much color. The bridge goes over some wetlands which are more interesting in the fall. There weren't even any birds today.

Just for fun, here's an hilarious clip of Carrie Fisher roasting George Lucas:

I remember when Star Wars was released. We thought the special effects were awesome.

I also loved Fisher's recent autobiography, Wishful Drinking which is based on her one-woman show.

I'm currently reading Endurance by Alfred Lansing, about Shackleton's Antarctic expedition.

Also reading Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank. This is a classic, post-apocalyptic novel written about 1960 about the survivors of a nuclear attack. Depressing but ultimately hopeful.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

This is so beautiful; had to share.

Goodbye Facebook, Hello Blogger

Let's catch up, shall we?

It's either the blog or Facebook and i choose the blog.

I'm beginning to hate Facebook because it is the biggest timesucker in the univere. I have sworn to look at it once a day to see what my friends are up to and that's it.

Blogs however can be educational so no more hiatuses and let the blogging begin again.

I can't believe the year is half over and I have so little to show for it. I think it's been about two months since we tore the downstairs completely up to put down new flooring and paint. This is in anticipation of getting the house on the market next year. My husband will not rest until he has about forty acres somewhere. If that is the case then I insist on having chickens andsheep. I especially like this guy and not just because he has the best name for a chicken I've ever heard: Appenzeller Spitzhauben. I love the black and white coloring and that little touch of red. He also seems to have a good temperament.

Can you feel the love?

Look at these little guys:

So let's see: lots of land to keep up, cats, dogs, horses, chickens, sheep, cows, all which need to be fed and looked after. Yes, I think that's exactly what two people need when they retire. A farm with lots of animals and crops to look after.

That certanly fits my definition of retirement.

Meanwhile, I'm finishing up my quilt for the
Embroidery Mini Quilt Swap. Here's an in progress picture:

I love the cheery colors; I hope my swap partner does.

Okay one last thing. My niece is getting married in a couple of weeks (more dress drama next time). Here's a shot of her, my daughters and their grandmother which I think is just great. What beauties, all of them:

Good food!

My daughter & grandmother: