Tuesday, July 7, 2009


There are not enough hours in the day.

A few months ago, I was given a new-ish position at work, "head" (I'll tell you why I use quotes in a minute) of Collection Development.

I say "head" because I'm not officially head, I'm kind of de facto head. I did not get a promotion but I am coordinating all adult book and audiovisual selection for the entire system. It's a big leap from what I was doing, and my duties are system wide.

So I'm very busy at work, both doing a job and learning more about the job, and working with the associate director in the department to revise policies and procedures for collection development.

I love this new job and I put a lot into it so I am exhausted when I get home.

In addition, when people were shifted around it was in anticipation of a new manager coming in, which hasn't happened yet. As a result, I still have responsibilities on the public desk every day and weekends.

As I said: exhausted.

I simply cannot drag myself upstairs to sew during the week. I started doing some redwork embroidery to keep my hands busy at night before I become unconcious, which usually happens around 9 pm.

My sewing time has been spent making garments, both for myself and my sister in law. After the girls were born, I did not make many clothes for myself, but did enjoy sewing for them immensely. It's great to get back into sewing. It's something I've loved to do since I was thirteen and now the Internet has opened up all kinds of options for fabrics and ideas.

My younger daughter is looking forward to college this fall and wants me to make her some skirts. I'm thrilled. I've always loved sewing for the girls but as they got older, it as jeans, jeans, jeans, although I have made special occasion dresses for them.

I'll be making a denim skirt for DD#2 and talking to the amazing Debra about doing some embroidery on it to make it more special. DD#2 liked that idea.

So that's it. Work, sew, sleep. Once the new manager comes in, my schedule will change and I will be working a normal, 8 to 5 day with no weekends! Hopefully that will give me more time to be creative in the sewing closet.