Tuesday, May 14, 2013

UFO Progress

The final applique block for my 2013 UFO completion project. I still have a few pieces to add - a final layer of dimensional flowers.

Mother's Day we went to Chastain Park
to an Arts Festival.

I had pizza.

Then we drove through Buckhead and looked at the beautiful, 

if somewhat excessive


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2013 UFO Progress

Here's block three of the four I needed to complete a long dormant UFO:

As I said on Tuesday Stitchers, the colors are a lot more vibrant in the photo than in reality. Besides, the older blocks have some fairly intense colors like this so this will actually be fine in the overall project.

Meanwhile, the weekend was a wash, in several contexts. I pulled out a couple of my old quilts that  are really worn and started trying to repair them. Here is one:

a log cabin that's probably 35 years old and much loved. T When my aunts made this quilt, I think they used both 100% cottons and some blends..  There are many pieces like this and some much worse. In fact, I had to remove a couple of blocks that need to be replaced. This was hand quilted, so it was fairly easy to pick out the stitches and remove the badly deteriorated blocks. Here, I appliqued a piece over the one that is worn out. For the larger ones, I'll have to make new blocks and applique onto the quilt. The batting in those areas needs replacing, too. Re-quilting those areas will be challenging! I don't know if this is the "right" way to repair quilts or not. 

Here's the next and final block needed to complete the 20 something year old UFO that's been stashed for so long:

I may replace some of those flat flowers with ruched ones because I love the texture so much.