Sunday, July 31, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Quilting?

I am ready to go up and get started on the 1000 Pyramids Quilt. I organized all my pyramids last night and raked off the sewing table. Bobbins are threaded and seam ripper is handy (because of those pesky light/dark half triangle things on the ends).

If Debra and I come out of this alive, I think this calls for a nation-wide quilting smackdown with the results going to a charity like the veteran's hospital, or homeless shelters.

After I get my coffee, I'm diving in. Who will emerge the Iron Quilter?

Check this space for updates.

Update: I have 22don-something 2-pyramid done. I had to stop for a minutes to fix Elizabeth a rice bag for her jaws which are really sore today from the surgery.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Quilting Smackdown :-)

Right here, on Sunday July 30, Debra Spincic and I will be stitching at the same time, the same quilt top, 700 miles apart. It's called the 1,000 Pyramids Quilt and Debra has a tutorial on her blog. It's pretty easy to do once you get your brain going in the right direction (triangles have the same effect on me as ocean travel: Disorientation). Who will finish first? The drama!

So tune in either here on the blog or Facebook where we will be chronicling our progress and each of us will attempt to finish one quilt top in a matter of hours.

All in fun, of course!

See? I'm smiling.

And while you're at it, visit my Etsy Shop and look at the cozy reclaimed, upcycled, or recycled - whichever term suits you - tshirt quilts that are now on sale with free shipping. These are made from lovely, soft tshirts and quilted onto soft, durable fleece. These things are really snuggly and are great for college students and small kids - no worries as they wash and dry just like a ...well, tshirt. Remember how comfortable those things are? Think about an entire quilt made from well worn, easy to care for t-shirts.

I'm off to check in on the patient who just had all four wisdom teeth extracted. She's sleeping off the anesthesia right now but was begging for a Chik Fila milk shake on the way home. She's on total Facebook/texting restrictions for 24 hours.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Atlanta, mostly from a moving car

 Arts Festival at Olmstead Park in Atlanta - playground for the kids.

 Beautiful chickens in somebody's back yard in upscale Druid Hills neighborhood.

 Margaret Mitchell House
Protest outside the Fed on Peachtree.

I was born, grew up, went to high school, undergrad and graduate school in Atlanta. But it changes all the time. I love driving around taking pictures but it was so hot yesterday, we didn't stop and get out to walk around. I used to ride the bus downtown when I was in high school and go to the movies by myself - thought nothing of it. I would have been 14 or 15. Nowdays  - I wouldn't do it unless I was armed.

One thing I can't get used to is the traffic. It's bad in the suburbs but downtown it's heinous. I was glad someone else was driving. Ponce de Leon was like Friday afternoon at 5 when we left the craft show around noon.

Makes me doubly glad I do not have to make that trip daily, like my brother did for many years. It would drive me nuts at this point in my life.

One does tend to lose one's edge living in the burbs.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

AAQI July Quilt

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Details from my July AAQI submission. I wove strips of fabric together, machine quilted, embellished with embroidery, lace, crocheted flowers, beads, ribbon. Lots of fun  - let's hope it sells.

Childhood Home


I was astonished to drive by the house where I grew up - which was built by my grandfather in the 1930's - in this shape. The land to the right was a beautiful it's been neglected for so long. It's sad.
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Unexpected Things Found at a Parade

The library participated in the Independence Day parade again this year. It was extremely hot which made me extremely cranky - my dislike of hot weather is legendary - but in spite of it, I had a good time.
You kind of expect to find Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam (if that's who that is).
...and people dressed up in Revolutionary garb....

And people waving flags...

and floats
and strange little cars...

boy scouts...

and librarians pushing book carts

 would you ever expect to see a beautiful quilt like this?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative auction

The AAQI July auction is up. Go see the beautiful quilts and buy one. Your donations really do make a difference.