Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Custom Quilt Binding

This is a custom order for binding I just finished. I turned this order around in about a week. $8.99 for 10 yards. Such a deal!

Go to my Etsy shop for details.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Etsy Posting - All Purpose Tote Bags

Here are a couple of totes I made. Nothing fancy here, just a great little bag to grab when you're going to market, or to the library, or for your quilting/knitting/sewing/crochet you-name-it project. They're a decent size, not too large but big enough for a few books, groceries, whatever. Reasonably priced at $20.00 plus shipping.

Oh yeah: made from upcycled and recycled materials, 100% cotton duck on the outside, poly/cotton recycled bed sheet on the inside. Washable, of course.

More Tshirt Quilt Tops


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I put these together yesterday. Finally came to my senses and made the simplest quilt top possible: 6" squares, serged together randomly. I buy XXL tshirts, wash them, cut them across the body and that way I believe I get the maximum number of squares possible. I use the other parts for smaller projects, like pillow tops. This time I found shirts in different colors, and I particularly love that spring green.

Looking for fleece to back them then they are off to be quilted. Look for these in my Etsy Store, Barefoot Girl soon!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Quilt For Sale

The auction is over, but this quilt is still for sale.
Wow, my quilt Alzheimer's Quit earned $100 this month! Very exciting!

Etsy Treasury

Etsy Treasury is a great way to spread some Etsy love around. You can showcase your friends' work and others who labor to sell their creations. Celebrating Spring is my treasury. My friend Debra also has created a Treasury of wonderful vintage items called The Way We Were.  I invite you to click on the link and visit them.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Etsy Posting - Bias Binding

I've just listed this in my Etsy shop. If you 've got UFOs you want to finish but making the binding is holding you up let me do it for you. 10 yards of 2" bias binding is $8.99 plus postage. I can have it done within a week of receiving your fabric.

T Shirt Quilts

I've been collaborating with Debra Spincic on these wonderful t-shirt quilts, made with recycled shirts and fleece.

I had to wrestle these away from my 23 and 19 year old daughters. Teens and toddlers would love these and since they're already "old", no worries about what kids can do to them.

Lots of fun to make, priced to sell (as they say) since this is a new collaborative effort...

Very cozy & snuggly.

Got binding?

Hate binding?

After making some quilt binding for the amazing Debra Spincic, I'm offering to cut & press binding for you quilters who hate to do it. You can send me your own fabric; I'll do 10 yards minimum for $8.99 plus shipping.

Contact me at by email if you're interested.

I'll have this up on my Etsy site as well soon. Check that out for some beautiful tshirt quilts!