Sunday, March 28, 2010

Operation Pillowcase

Thirty five more headed to Afghanistan! Fabric courtesy of Debra and Deb; five of those pillowcases are by Jules.

Thanks to all!
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Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Quarter Past Two, Why Am I Awake?

We are leaving for Savannah at 9 am. Why am I awake?

I've been busy: I made pimento cheese for lunch on the way down; I have dishes washing. Of course, I have been internet surfing. I would upload some photos but my camera is all packed up. And since I've been awake for about an hour so naturally, I'M HUNGRY.

Last night (a few short hours ago) my daughter brought me a pair of jeans and asked me to cut them off and make her some capris. Which I did. I took out the fabric Deb sent me for pillowcases and got it ready to sew when I get back from vacation.

I am not even packed; in fact, I have clothes in the washer that I will need to dry before leaving in about 6 hours.

And I am driving all the way down. It's not a long drive (about 4 hours) but my husband and I usually take a couple of hours each. However, last week, he took a fall at work and as a result, has a hairline fracture in one arm and a chipped bone in the other. He's also very sore and "stove up". So, he cannot drive for any length of time. I am hoping he will be recovered enough to enjoy our vacation which always involves a lot of walking.

We have been looking forward to this trip for awhile. We try to see one new thing every time we go to Savannah, our favorite place. This year we hope to see the
Mercer Williams House which might - unfortunately- be best known for the notorious murder which took place there and was the subject of John Berendt's book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. But it has a much richer history than that. For my birthday (on Wednesday) my daughter wants to take me on one of the many ghost tours.

Last night my older daughter said that a member of a friend's family is missing. He was visiting family in New Orleans and hasn't been heard from in several days. He was last seen at a bar, I believe she said, and when he left, was observed going int he opposite direction from his hotel. I don't know him at all but know the family so it's pretty disturbing. I hope he is okay.

I feel the sleep monster creeping upon me and I am getting flakey so I will try and doze until it's really time to get up.

Have a productive week while I'm away. :-) Meanwhile, look at these adorable Quilts for Little Girls at the Quilting Gallery.