Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Turning 18

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The dogs are growing up!

The Bassetts and the German Shepherd are getting big. And will get even bigger. They're not a year old yet.

I tell you, I am serious about this dressmaking business

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Do not mess with me.
My kids call this my "Doris Dress". As in Doris Day. It's kind of a retro-inspired 1950's shirtwaist.
Yes I have been busy. This is one of the garments I recently made. It's extremely comfortable and easy to make although the collar is a little squirrelly. The fabric is a blue/green check/plaid whathave you cotton shirting I got at Gail's fabulous fabric store for about $6.00 a yard. I bought something like 6 yards so I will be like Maria's kids wearing clothes cut from the draperies, traipsing around Marietta singing Do Re Mi.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Savannah is Calling Me

Johnny Mercer (1909-2009), Hoagy Carmichael

have you anything to say to me?
Can you tell me where my love can be?
Is there a meadow in the mist,
where someone's waiting to be kissed.

have you seen a valley green with Spring
Where my heart can go a journeying
over the shadows and the rain
to a blossom-covered lane?

And in your lonely flight,
haven't your heard the music in the night
wonderful music
faint as a will o'the wisp,
crazy as a loon
sad as a gypsy seranading the moon

Oh, Skylark
I don't know if you can find these things
but my heart is riding on your wings
so, if you see them anywhere
won't you lead me there?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Horses In Training

DH and DD#2 participate in training for their horses periodically. DD#2 is here on Stony, the horse she bought with her own money a couple of years ago, when she was just 16. She rehabilited him from a scrawney, sick horse to the magnificent steed you see today. Stony (the guy on the left ;-) ) is 22 - doesn't look at day over 12, does he?

Cloud Cafe

Beautiful clouds and blue sky that gave away to thunderstorms later that day and throughout the week.
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Beautiful Bagels from the Farmers' Market




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I had forgotten about the farmers' market that is held on Marietta Square every Saturday when I dropped DH off at the library. It's not an extensive one: it covers just about one block on the north end of the Square near the Strand Theater. I spent a happy hour strolling along, sampling goodies and soaking in the aroma of fresh baked bread, the visual treat of home grown vegetables, and the allure of hand made soaps and lotions. Next week, I envision myself sitting on a park bench with a cup of coffee from Cool Beans and one of these fresh bagels in hand. With my camera, next time. Lots of people to watch.

I almost left with more than bagels. The Greyhound Rescue group was there. Honestly, I had to tear myself away. Nothing like the sweet face of a dog that needs a home. I swear, I nearly bought one.