Saturday, January 30, 2010


I love this self-portrait by Kay at Out of the Basement, part of the Interpret This challenge. She used an applique technique that I think is brilliant and practical. The background is a patchwork of scanned pages and art work, subtley done so that you have to look closely to see them. I have a feeling, just from reading her blog, that perhaps it is this way with Kay. She seems to be a very modest, low-key but extremely interesting and creative person.

I'd love to use these techniques someday in some small wall hangings. I have some great photos of the kids I'd love to do.

All the portraits so far are beautiful, and from what I "know" - based on their blogs - of the artists, really do reflect their personalities.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

At last, she is an artist

Well maybe.

Is art all about finding your voice or vision?

Hmm. I'm pondering that question as I navigate through quilting blogs and study the limitless variety of expression among art quilters. It's challenging my concept art within the context of quilting.

I don't consider myself an artist, but more of a craftswoman. I endeavor to learn techniques and perfect them more than to create something unique.


These thoughts have been floating around my head lately.

Along with this:

Those ubiquitous 100 calorie treats - there's one for virtually every cookie or snack product on the market.

Today I bought the 100 calorie Oreo Cakesters because I've been trying to lose the 2-3 pounds I put on during the holidays and naturally I'm craving chocolate. My friend Carolyn keeps a stash of candy in her office to which I have a key. So I wanted something I could have which would keep me away from the Snickers, even the "fun" size ones.

The minature Cakesters are about the size of a half dollar. They come in packs of 3, 5 packs to a box for nearly $3.00. That's about $.20 per bite "cookie." They are not multi-bite, and if you do try to get two bites out of each "cookie", one bite will wind up on the floor or your desk.

If you want them to last, my advice is the spread them out over a 15 minute period, one every five minutes. Don't eat them faster than that or you will forget them, and your $.60 will have been wasted. Then you'll have to eat another 100 calorie pack just to remember what they tasted like. You will have eaten the entire box before you know it.

Better still, don't buy them at all; give up chocolate and eat a banana.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

This has to be quick...

before somebody comes and takes the internet away from me.

Very productive weekend, tackling years old ufos and getting closer to getting them done and out of my mind.

Also, I received my Fall Mini Quilt Swap from a quilter in Utah:

Very pretty, beautifully done.

I'll be making more pillowcases for soldiers, thanks to a generous donation of fabric from Debra. Love this project.

Oh yes, you ask, but Deb, what about the Baby Jane thing? Oh, That Quilt. Let's just say I discovered that it really helps if I can see the pieces with the naked eye. I think I have better ways to spend my time and the LAST thing I need is more frustration. My hat is off to all those dedicated Jane-ites but in spite of investing money in the book (which I will donate it to the library or sell it on Ebay or something), I will not be revisiting the Dear Jane quilt ever again in this lifetime any time soon. I knew I should have bought that beautiful wool applique quilt pattern.

The insurgents are approaching and my coffee cup is empty.

More cuteness from Chez Debbie. Lord only knows how long I've had the doll print fabric:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Quilting Gallery - Winter Mini-Quilt Swap

I had a great time with the Fall Mini Quilt Swap at the
Quilting Gallery and I must admit, I'm really intrigued by the weekly themed contests. This past week was "Winter Fun" and if you click on the link you can vote on your favorite.

There's so much going on in the cyber-quilting world it's easy to overextend yourself but I cannot resist a challenge! Which is why (sit down, Debra) I put That' Quilt's badge on my side bar. Before you start hyperventilating, let me tell you why.

I bought that book at Houston two years ago and have been staring at it ever since. This blog has excellent paper pieceing and applique instructions so I was encouraged even after my frustrating attempts at making the four inch blocks on my own. I remember thinking, oh that's cute. How hard can it be? Until you start cutting out those tiny pieces, it doesn't seem that hard.

Well let me tell you...

Anyway. Here I go. Off into cyber quilting mania overload. Again.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Five Pillowcases Done

I spent my day off productively making five pillowcases for Operation Pillowcase :

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I know the Elvis fabric does not have a dark background, nor does the John Deere fabric - but I couldn't resist. I had so much fun making these, I'm going to make more. These novelty fabrics are fun to use and perfect for pillowcases.
The best part is when you're done sewing - you are done - no handwork! It all comes together so easily. Most of these fabrics were dug out of my stash, but Hobby Lobby had a sale (30% off) their cottons so I snatched up a yard of Elvis and John Deere.
I was also happy to run across the Laurel Burch fabric under a lot of other stuff in my sewing cubicle. It's so wild and colorful.
Love the Elvis fabric. I'm tempted to go back and buy the rest of it and make a blouse. :-)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Civil WAr Bride Quilt

I saw this (scroll down to see the CWBQ) and I started having heart palpatations and my eyes rolled back in my head, like they do when I'm confronted with a math problem. Applique! History! And even better, there's a blog for people who are making the quilt. Too much!

Oh, so beautiful!

An Evening Wedding in June

My niece is getting married in June and I need a dress. I love this Simplicity Pattern, particularly View A. I think the slightly draped V-neck with the 3/4 sleeve variation is flattering and in the right fabric would be a good looking but simple, comfortable dress. The important question is what fabric? I'm thinking either charmeuse or dupioni -- which I would line, of course. If the thinness of the models doesn't create a misleading image of the skirt, there is enough fullness for this to be more comfortable for sitting. I'll do a muslin first before cutting into expensive cloth.

New Doings at the Quilting Gallery

The Quilting Gallery, where I learned about the Fall-Inspired Mini Quilt swap, has a Weekly Themed Quilt Contest. The new theme is posted each Monday morning but you can check out the list of themes here and plan ahead. I plan to use this as incentive to GET MORE DONE in the way of quilting this year. I have already tackled two UFOs that have been languishing for more years that I care to mention. How can you get so lackadaisical about something you enjoy so much?

Take a look at this week's theme Snowmen - they are so CUTE.

Fall Mini-Quilt Swap

Yay! My partner received the quilt I made for the Fall Mini Quilt Swap.

I was getting slightly antsy. I'm so glad she received it & likes it. I want to make another one but I rarely do that, do you?

Hey also - all you Wednesday Quilter readers - and you know who you are DEBRA - I'm getting on the pillowcase bandwagon and making pillowcases for our servicemen. What about you!