Sunday, January 24, 2010

This has to be quick...

before somebody comes and takes the internet away from me.

Very productive weekend, tackling years old ufos and getting closer to getting them done and out of my mind.

Also, I received my Fall Mini Quilt Swap from a quilter in Utah:

Very pretty, beautifully done.

I'll be making more pillowcases for soldiers, thanks to a generous donation of fabric from Debra. Love this project.

Oh yes, you ask, but Deb, what about the Baby Jane thing? Oh, That Quilt. Let's just say I discovered that it really helps if I can see the pieces with the naked eye. I think I have better ways to spend my time and the LAST thing I need is more frustration. My hat is off to all those dedicated Jane-ites but in spite of investing money in the book (which I will donate it to the library or sell it on Ebay or something), I will not be revisiting the Dear Jane quilt ever again in this lifetime any time soon. I knew I should have bought that beautiful wool applique quilt pattern.

The insurgents are approaching and my coffee cup is empty.

More cuteness from Chez Debbie. Lord only knows how long I've had the doll print fabric:

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  1. I knew you'd come to your senses about that Dear Jane quilt! LOL!

    that's a cute doll print quilt!


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