Saturday, January 30, 2010


I love this self-portrait by Kay at Out of the Basement, part of the Interpret This challenge. She used an applique technique that I think is brilliant and practical. The background is a patchwork of scanned pages and art work, subtley done so that you have to look closely to see them. I have a feeling, just from reading her blog, that perhaps it is this way with Kay. She seems to be a very modest, low-key but extremely interesting and creative person.

I'd love to use these techniques someday in some small wall hangings. I have some great photos of the kids I'd love to do.

All the portraits so far are beautiful, and from what I "know" - based on their blogs - of the artists, really do reflect their personalities.


  1. Thanks for the kind word, and for linking to me. I hope you will try it.

  2. You'll have to stop by today to see mine. I believe you will recognize me (and you!).


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