Wednesday, August 22, 2012

CQJP - Some New Details

I haven't been posting much because my camera is broken. I'm saving my money for a trip in October, and debating whether I want to get it repaired or buy a smaller camera for the trip. Thus, no decent camera right now.

Lately, since I'm pretty much caught up with the CQJP blocks, I've been evaluating and enhancing what I've done.  Here are just a couple of details:

Here I've filled in some blank spots on the original linens, and added lots of beads to the buttonhole stitch curves above. I used green and lavender to echo the colors in the linens.

More leaves.

I'll be so happy to get a decent camera. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Camera (the good one) is still on the fritz so I've posted my TAST stitches over on Tuesday Stitchers. I won't reload them here.

Last night (actually early this morning) I watched Margin Call. You can read about it at It was a completely engrossing film about a particular investment firm which is staring into a financial abyss. Would anyone do the right thing? Makes you wonder how often this kind of stuff goes on. Is that a naive observation? Probably. Great acting - great line by Jeremy Irons, telling a young genius to explain the situation to him: "talk to me as you would a small child, or a ...golden retriever"

Two months until I go to Israel!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Catching Up with the CQ Blocks

Below are my July and August blocks for the CQ project:

And here are all the blocks together, not quite finished with the right and left blocks in the center. 

I cut some cabbage roses from the fabric Debra sent me. I really have in mind to surround that center photo with flowers somehow but I don't want to overwhelm it. I've also got more linens, and some beautiful hand crochet trim I would like to use, since it was made by one of the ladies in the quilt.

Just keep playing around & see what develops.

The last month has been crazy, with planning for my trip in October and then right on its heels, the Houston trip. Also, it's the end of our fiscal year at work and it's always a stressful time.  I'm doing an awful lot of garment sewing on the weekends and trying to keep up with the TAST (I'm 2 stitches behind) and CQJP (pretty much current).

I think things will calm down after August.

But, I did get a promotion at work. That's the good news! And, there isn't any bad news, knock on wood.