Monday, May 26, 2014

Only one way to drink coffee.

Flower Show

I would love to spend my money and my time gardening. Unfortunately I do not have much of either, certainly not enough to do what I'd like to do.

A couple of weeks ago my daughter and I took a trip to Asheville to the Biltmore Estate which has a magnificent greenhouse.  Here's just a sampling of the gorgeous flowers & plants.

These were all from the greenhouse.  So beautiful.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Doris Day is 90 Years Young

I blogged a lot more before Facebook. I really need to get that monkey off my back.

My idol, Doris Day, turned 90 this week.

I don't think there is a single movie she was in that I didn't love: those great comedies with Rock Hudson (her dear friend) and James Garner, "The Man Who Knew Too Much" with Jimmy Stewart, "Midnight Lace" with Rex Harrison, "Love Me or Leave Me" with James Cagney. She could do anything.

Then there is her music, that sweet beautiful face, and her love of animals.

I always wondered why she was not chosen for the lead in the move version of "South Pacific". Not that Mitzi Gaynor wasn't fantastic but the part just screamed DORIS DAY.

Happy Birthday, Doris Day. You are a priceless treasure, a class act, true caring soul. So glad you shared your gifts with us.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hexie Madness

Hexagons seem to be all the rage these days. My aunts made a number of flower garden quilts, all by hand, no paper piecing. They cut the hexagons out individually using templates and stitched them together.  The one that I have is packed away somewhere but below is a picture of a variation of that hexagon, much like the one   at the Soupcon Quilt Along where some really beautiful work is being done. I'm very tempted to get into that.

Here is the quilt done by my aunts nearly 40 years ago:

It's very scrappy and at this point, very worn - I need to repair it. 

My husband saw this and said, "You should make one of those for Avi."

Avi was our tour guide when we were in Israel last year. 

I might do that, and hope that it's finished when I go back to Israel in 4 or 5 years when I retire.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Red and White Crazy Quilt

Getting started on the new 2014 Crazy Quilt Project:

Trying to keep it smaller and simpler this year. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Red and White Crazy Quilt - 2014

Ideas for a red and white crazy quilt:

These are the raw materials for a major crazy quilt - or two - for 2014.  My goal is to keep it simple, with minimal embellishment - but we'll see how long that lasts because I get a little compulsive about that. What I love about CQs is the detail so it's hard for me to stop.

This redwork piece was found at a thrift store for about $3.00. It's in bad shape but  the center is still good. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Quilt

My friend, Debra sent me some Halloween embroideries last Tuesday which I used in this quilt:

I don't think I've ever finished anything so quickly. I worked on it every spare minute, had to go out of town Thursday and half a day Friday. It certainly is not a perfect creation but I love it: the colors, the funky embroideries and the primitive feel of it.