Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Needle Case Swap on Quilting Gallery

Go ahead and sign up for the Needle Case Swap on Quilting Gallery. You know you want to. All sorts of possiblities for this one. Make several. Make them into a quilt!

The Wedding

My niece recently was married to a dead ringer for Matt Damon (only cuter, smarter, and in better physical shape. And younger.) Nope. Not him. My new nephew is definitely better looking.
Uh-uh. Not this guy either. Yuk on the goatee by the way, Chipper.

The flowers at the club were gorgeous.

Here are my daughters as bridesmaids. GAWgeous! (You'd never guess how much pain they're in, would you?)

Oh what the heck. She probably won't mind - they are all over Facebook.

I had some dress drama but I will need to post pictures which I don't have just yet. I haven't been able to bring myself to put the garment back on for anyone to take a shot of me in it. In fact I never want to see it again. Still, it all turned out okay because (1) it wasn't about me to begin with and (2) my sister-in-law has a great sense of humor and (3) I wore something else. Usually I find these situations hilarious. But I have been in situations where I was dressed inappropriately for the occasion and it has scarred me for life. I have White Trash Syndrome. Country Come to Town. You Can Dress Her Up But You Can't Take Her Out.

Speaking of dresses, those they are wearing were engineering marvels. I was truly in awe of their construction: boning, multiple zippers, bustling. Incredible. Truly, they were the Eiffel Tower of garment construction.

More on That Dress (The Epic Failure) later. Aren't these young ladies just lovely?