Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Women's History Month

My library is featuring Women in the Arts for Women's History Month. I was one of the featured staff members. A couple of nice comments, too. Please go over and take a look at the work of the many talented women on our staff here at  my library.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March CQJP Progress

I like how this turned out. I need to add something in those outside areas. There's no stopping point, is there? :-)
While looking through my photos for those elusive pictures of Aunt Mae, I found some snapshots of the ladies in full quilting mode so I thought I'd share:
My mother and her step-niece.

Aunt Polly

Aunt Mae (who hated having her picture taken)

Aunt Polly (l) and Aunt Gladys (r)

These were taken probably in the early 1980's judging by my niece's age.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March CQJP Progress

Love the way this turned out

Leaf in progress using buttonhole ; running stitch.

No photos yet of Aunt Mae because I can't find the ones I want to use.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sort of, Kind of, Almost Done (February CQ Block)

Here are the results of several days of intensive CQ-ing:

This is one of the center blocks in the top row. The two embroidered linen pieces are part of the "frame" for the block in the middle of the quilt. I'm still working that out in my head.

This trim was actually part of a larger piece. Needs more beads!

I hope you can see the details on this trim.I'm very pleased with this.

Here's a better shot.

All these are unedited right from my camera's card because it's getting late & I need to get to work. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

February CQJP Block 2

I'm not quite done with this block - are we every really done? Maybe we just come to a stopping point. Anyway, here are some details I've added since last week. I've really got to move on to March after today. 
I worked on the border around the photo. I'm using a lot of the crocheted trim that was on the linens I used in the cq blocks. Here I added French knots to stretch out the crochet which was a little compressed, I suppose, after all these years. Then I'm putting a bead on the little picot edges. 

This is an idea from the Samples book (which I got through interlibrary loan and is due tomorrow. :-( I will have to turn it in.) More details to go inside the hearts.Handwork is so slow, but so satisfying.

"Hearts" are a major theme in this quilt in case you didn't notice. 
Next Saturday is my birthday AND the sewing expo in Atlanta. I never miss this event and usually wind up staying all day long. It's not far from where I live but it is a good 45 minute drive. But I love it and I'm really looking forward to going again - you can find all kinds of neat stuff there!

I'm off for my morning walk and then an afternoon with my daughters. AFter the Friday storms, it turnd off cold again. 

Have a great day, everyone.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Alzheimers Art Quilt Initiative - March Auction

I'm happy to see AAQI quilts has sold. The March Auction is in full swing - please go over and bid on a quilt.  You know the story - AAQI raises money for Alzheimer's Research. Consider buying one of these beauties, make a donation. buy a gift certificate for someone. You already know what a worthy cause it is! You can see a wonderful slide show of all the quilts up for auction here.

Become a Patron of Our Art: get the details here.

Help me reach my goal of $1,000 raised for AAQI and BUY MY QUILT!

$704,000 raised so far!

Saturday Yard Sale

Welcome, visitors from Quiltville! The storms missed us last night, for which I'm truly grateful.

I'm participating in the Saturday Yard Sale at Bonnie's Quiltville. Thanks, Bonnie, for hosting again.

I've just got a few things. Shipping will be first class mail unless you prefer another way, let me know.

What you see here are pieces of tshirts cut into strips and blocks, intended for making quilts. I did make a few and they were really wonderful (you can see one here) although they did not sell.  I serged the blocks together and Debra S. quilted them directly to polyester fleece. They washed and dried beautifully. I wound up giving those we made for gifts and to family. They loved them, they just didn't want to pay for them! ;-)

  This is all from recycled tshirts, washed and cut into different sizes. Most are strips about 6" by the width of a large or X Large shirt. I bought the biggest sizes I could find. The colors are really nice. The last bag is the neck bindings which I refer to as "t shirt droppings." :-) I keep telling myself I'm going to do something with it, but I know better. I'd just like to clear it out. 

$10 for the lot, plus shipping.

Any questions, please email. Last time I had quilt binding for sale but didn't get any made this time. However if you are interested, I LOVE making binding, will be delighted to make up some for you. Just let me know. I can make binding til the cows come home. I know a lot of you really hate that part of quilting, so let's talk...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

February CQJP block

February CQJP block - not finished but well on its way
This is Polly's block. She was Mom's second oldest sister, and lived to be 94. She outlived her son by a few months, and was the next to last sister to pass away. I think she just got tired of being the one left behind. She had a great outlook, was a terrific cook, artistic, and could do a mean Charleston - which she did every year at the family Christmas party.

I love this picture of my Aunt Polly
Heart detail

Another little detail
I'm still pondering this block. I'm slow, I admit it. I'm also holding off a little until next weekend when I go to the sewing expo here in Atlanta and see what they have. Last year I bought some cute things there that were not expensive. I just want to get it right.

Next CQ block:

Ella Mae

This is Aunt Mae's Block. She was the aunt I was closest to. We moved in with her in 1952, when my grandmother became too ill to be left alone during the day. Both pictures are of Aunt Mae and my grandmother, Malvie Lee Hawkins. The picture on the right was taken just before my grandmother died. Can you believe she was only 65 in that picture?