Thursday, March 1, 2012

February CQJP block

February CQJP block - not finished but well on its way
This is Polly's block. She was Mom's second oldest sister, and lived to be 94. She outlived her son by a few months, and was the next to last sister to pass away. I think she just got tired of being the one left behind. She had a great outlook, was a terrific cook, artistic, and could do a mean Charleston - which she did every year at the family Christmas party.

I love this picture of my Aunt Polly
Heart detail

Another little detail
I'm still pondering this block. I'm slow, I admit it. I'm also holding off a little until next weekend when I go to the sewing expo here in Atlanta and see what they have. Last year I bought some cute things there that were not expensive. I just want to get it right.

Next CQ block:

Ella Mae

This is Aunt Mae's Block. She was the aunt I was closest to. We moved in with her in 1952, when my grandmother became too ill to be left alone during the day. Both pictures are of Aunt Mae and my grandmother, Malvie Lee Hawkins. The picture on the right was taken just before my grandmother died. Can you believe she was only 65 in that picture?

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