Monday, February 20, 2012

AAQI for February

February AAQI.
I had a lovely machine embroidery from Debra  which inspired this quilt. The silks were given to me years ago. After the Atlanta Olympics - when local quilters donated quilts to the athletes - we also donated small quilts to the Japanese Olympics that winter.  Everyone who donated a quilt received several pieces of beautiful kimono silk from our Japanese counterparts. I've had those pieces all this time, and they seem to really complement the embroidered piece. Then, I have all this dupioni silk - or had, since I've used a lot of it. Holy cow does that stuff ravel! I replaced all of the binding once; then a portion of it yet again. In the process, one of the "fast finish triangles" that I use for hanging the quilt got turned down and I stitched over it, then had to do that over. Not at my best under pressure! The lace is from a vintage jabot I found at an antique place in Woodstock years ago. Depending on your definite of "vintage", this little quilt probably qualifies, because almost all of the materials are at least 20 years old, or older!

Here's a detail from my February cqjp block.  If I say I've had that button for years, you'll probably barf but it's true. I rarely throw anything out. I've got small scraps of fabric that go back 30 years. I drew a circle intending to do something quite different, then decided to use the flower pot button. Still it helped me keep my perspective on the flower placement. They're not too helter skelter I hope.


  1. 30 year old supplies are just getting primed for use! Although, I don't publically admit how old my supplies are! *wink*

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