Thursday, February 9, 2012

Productive Insomnia

A bit of a sleepless night/morning. On mornings like this, I can't wait to retire. I am so so weary of waking up in the wee hours in a panic over some perceived mistake/bad judgement call  at work. I'm so tired of second guessing myself. I'm ready to enjoy life worry free (never happen), and unleash the free spirit within!  A friend told me about her son who falls into that category. He didn't have stamps so he taped cash to his bills and put them in the mail. Almost all of the checks cleared. When his car payment didn't make it and the bank called he told them not to worry about it. The next month's check would be a pay off. Would it be nice to live in that state of mind?   I don't know and I'm sure it has it's down side, but looking at it from my perspective right now, it sure seems like it.

Putting my insomnia to good use, I naturally started cruising Pinterest which eventually led me to this lovely website. Lots of vintage love there, embroidery, and some interesting photography. She has an Etsy shop too. I love the sweet, simple design of her embroidery.

Now's about the time I start getting sleepy again which means I can maybe get another hour of dozing before I have to get moving. You'd think I had a handle on this after all these years, but no.

UPDATE! Debra has got to be one of the most generous people I know. Yesterday I received a package from her full of wonderful stuff: fabric, embroideries
beautiful machine embroideries
and something that in my excitement over those beautiful things I had set aside. I got distracted and didn't open a second bag filled with these until this morning:

vintage embellishments!

Even more vintage love!

I took these photos in a hurry this morning so didn't have time to edit them, but wanted to share this with you. These pieces are absolutely perfect for my cq - all are very vintage looking if not in fact. They will absolutely make this quilt into what I had hoped. I know that a collection like this probably takes years to accumulate, so THANK YOU, Debra for sharing these. I have been looking everywhere for just this kind of thing. You are the best!


  1. Well that's just super they will work for your CQ! Now when you have insomnia, you can stitch!

  2. какое богатство!
    Нет, спать тут некогда!

    1. Thank you! Yes - they are treasures. (hope I translated correctly.)

    2. я теперь буду ждать продолжения - эти сокровища и воплощение, вторая жизнь.

      А долго ждать? :)


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