Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Devil is in the Details

Feather stitch with French knots

Herringbone with lazy daisy & French knots (above)), feather stitch (below)

Several examples of our TAST stitches from the past few weeks

This is the photo on the bottom right side of the block. I wanted just a little more color or detail to the lace so I threaded floss through the eyelets, and added French knots to the flowers - which I decided to fuse rather than stitch. I realized it would be very difficult to stitch through so many layers and was doubtful the result would be very attractive.  The French knots should anchor them.

 I'm still not ready to reveal the entire block. I'm still not completely satisfied with it. Hopefully by this weekend - which will be another busy sewing weekend.


  1. Looking good! I especially like your herringbone with the lazy daisy.


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