Sunday, February 12, 2012

CJQP Update

February Block: Polly

This block will be my second for the CJQP challenge and honor my mother's second oldest sister, Polly. This is the middle block on the top row. In this photo, it's upside down.  

Aunt Polly

Working on the first block taught me a few things which are probably no brainers for most of you. One: embroider first, embellish next, photos last. At least that's the sequence that's making sense to me right now. I've been doing seam treatments and using very basic stitches which I'll add to later. I will determine where the pictures will go before I get to far with the embroidery, although I won't actually stitch them at this point. 

This weekend I've been doing nothing much but spinning my wheels. Thursday my husband was taken to the ER from work with symptoms very much like a heart attack: left arm pain, sweating profusely, shortness of breath, high blood pressure. Tests were all normal - EKG, blood chemistry, and a stress test the next morning. The ER doctor insisted that he spend the night in the cardiac unit for observation. The cardiologist could find nothing wrong with his heart and thinks the pain could be the result of nerve damage. The DH was in the paratroopers while in the army and did quite a few jumps out of airplanes and helicopters. Thirty years later, I think his body is talking back to him and it's not happy. He knows he has back problems as a result of this so I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't some issues that are just now showing up. I do wonder if the pain in his arm caused a panic attack over fear that it *might* be a heart attack?

The stress of that little surprise really wore me out and Saturday was kind of a blur. Today is our 25th anniversary, so we met the rest of the family for breakfast and then did some grocery shopping! Never say we aren't the romantic couple!! 

Actually, DH called me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I'd like to go to Savannah on our anniversary.  Hilariously, he didn't realize it was just 2 weeks away - too soon for him to get leave from work. So we're celebrating a littler later, at the end of April. That will be a much nicer time to go anyway - more flowers, nicer weather.

I'm extremely glad DH is okay but my weekend has been written off as far as the CQs go. It wasn't a total loss as I did make a skirt for my sister-in-law - who, incidentally brought me a lot of interesting loot today:

All of those lovely hankies were in this case which is leather and what feels like silk.

Elegant faux fur collar.

Funky retro beads...

Lots of jewelry

This wonderful stuff comes from J's mother who is 96 and now in a nursing home. K  was from Germany, is a Holocaust survivor, and immigrated to this country after the war. She, her sister and mother were the only members of her family who survived. K was always very elegant. I'm so thrilled that J wanted me to have these items.

This is a long  photo intensive post. Thanks for hanging in there.


  1. Happy 25th Anniversary. Enjoy your treasures.

  2. Glad to hear your husband is going to be OK. Getting old is hard work.

    Look at those treasures! WOW! What a great haul.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!
    So happy your DH is okay. That must have been very scary.
    Wonderful loot you've received.


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