Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Yard Sale

Welcome, visitors from Quiltville! The storms missed us last night, for which I'm truly grateful.

I'm participating in the Saturday Yard Sale at Bonnie's Quiltville. Thanks, Bonnie, for hosting again.

I've just got a few things. Shipping will be first class mail unless you prefer another way, let me know.

What you see here are pieces of tshirts cut into strips and blocks, intended for making quilts. I did make a few and they were really wonderful (you can see one here) although they did not sell.  I serged the blocks together and Debra S. quilted them directly to polyester fleece. They washed and dried beautifully. I wound up giving those we made for gifts and to family. They loved them, they just didn't want to pay for them! ;-)

  This is all from recycled tshirts, washed and cut into different sizes. Most are strips about 6" by the width of a large or X Large shirt. I bought the biggest sizes I could find. The colors are really nice. The last bag is the neck bindings which I refer to as "t shirt droppings." :-) I keep telling myself I'm going to do something with it, but I know better. I'd just like to clear it out. 

$10 for the lot, plus shipping.

Any questions, please email. Last time I had quilt binding for sale but didn't get any made this time. However if you are interested, I LOVE making binding, will be delighted to make up some for you. Just let me know. I can make binding til the cows come home. I know a lot of you really hate that part of quilting, so let's talk...

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