Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I tell you, I am serious about this dressmaking business

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Do not mess with me.
My kids call this my "Doris Dress". As in Doris Day. It's kind of a retro-inspired 1950's shirtwaist.
Yes I have been busy. This is one of the garments I recently made. It's extremely comfortable and easy to make although the collar is a little squirrelly. The fabric is a blue/green check/plaid whathave you cotton shirting I got at Gail's fabulous fabric store for about $6.00 a yard. I bought something like 6 yards so I will be like Maria's kids wearing clothes cut from the draperies, traipsing around Marietta singing Do Re Mi.

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  1. You and your dress look fabulous! You certainly do not look like you need to lose any weight! Do you still think you do?


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