Sunday, July 31, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Quilting?

I am ready to go up and get started on the 1000 Pyramids Quilt. I organized all my pyramids last night and raked off the sewing table. Bobbins are threaded and seam ripper is handy (because of those pesky light/dark half triangle things on the ends).

If Debra and I come out of this alive, I think this calls for a nation-wide quilting smackdown with the results going to a charity like the veteran's hospital, or homeless shelters.

After I get my coffee, I'm diving in. Who will emerge the Iron Quilter?

Check this space for updates.

Update: I have 22don-something 2-pyramid done. I had to stop for a minutes to fix Elizabeth a rice bag for her jaws which are really sore today from the surgery.

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