Monday, August 1, 2011

Smackdown: 1000 Pyramids

Not such a good shot but it gives you an idea of the claustrophobic space i have to sew in. Actually I like how these are turning out. I have one finished and this one which I began on Sunday. I feel better about those triangle points today than I did yesterday.


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Flannel is mostly forgiving but at the same time, can be stretchy, especially on the bias. Still, this will surely be a very cozy quilt for a verteran. The triangles are done and stitched together, I just have to add them to the other rows.

I wouldn't make this again for awhile but I wouldn't mind having one of these myself. It's very striking and I'd like to make it using a plain solid and some large scale prints. I could see how you could play around with the triangles and make a sort of pin wheel ... if you were a mind to do so...


  1. This looks just great! Why were you stressing about the points? They look fine to me!

  2. Nice job! I like your fabric choices

  3. Gorgeous colours and looks cozy.


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