Sunday, July 24, 2011

Atlanta, mostly from a moving car

 Arts Festival at Olmstead Park in Atlanta - playground for the kids.

 Beautiful chickens in somebody's back yard in upscale Druid Hills neighborhood.

 Margaret Mitchell House
Protest outside the Fed on Peachtree.

I was born, grew up, went to high school, undergrad and graduate school in Atlanta. But it changes all the time. I love driving around taking pictures but it was so hot yesterday, we didn't stop and get out to walk around. I used to ride the bus downtown when I was in high school and go to the movies by myself - thought nothing of it. I would have been 14 or 15. Nowdays  - I wouldn't do it unless I was armed.

One thing I can't get used to is the traffic. It's bad in the suburbs but downtown it's heinous. I was glad someone else was driving. Ponce de Leon was like Friday afternoon at 5 when we left the craft show around noon.

Makes me doubly glad I do not have to make that trip daily, like my brother did for many years. It would drive me nuts at this point in my life.

One does tend to lose one's edge living in the burbs.

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