Sunday, December 11, 2011


A few weeks ago I was in my favorite quilt shop with a friend. We were picking out fabric for a quilt she wants me to make for her when another quilter walked up. I asked her what she thought about the colors I had chosen. Of course she offered an opinion! :-) Later my friend said, are all quilters like that - you're all so friendly and helpful to each other. I said, you know, for the most part, yes. It's like this online community of friends (and notice I did not put quotation marks around that word) we have here. Yesterday I got a call from Debra to talk through my malaise about the cq project. I came away with new ideas & a fresh perspective. And in several ways, a confirmation of some ideas I already had been mulling over. Sometimes my biggest problem is a lack of confidence. It was very generous of her to spend about a half hour talking through ideas and helped me get over some obstacles, amidst the Chrismas music & shoppers at Publix ;-) - so thanks - as always, Debra! (That yardstick has a very long reach!)

So I sat down to dive in to the cq project, turned on my machine and - snap, crackle, pop - the overhead light went out and so did the machine. I thought a fuse had blown but no. DH thinks the ceiling fan shorted out for some reason. It's only the side of the room my sewing machine is on, oddly enough. But then I think this house was wired by circus clowns. I won't tell you what the guy found when we were doing some remodeling a couple of years ago. Okay, I will tell you: he found live wires behind some paneling under the stairs. Yes. Live naked wires. It's a miracle the house hadn't burned down  - or that he didn't get electrocuted. I guess theyve been there since the house was built 30 years ago.

I have to make mac & cheese for a lunch party today. Hopefully DH will get the overhead fixed and I will be able to sew this afternoon & evening. I'd love to get 3 blocks finished. It seems doable but you know, this is NOT as easy as it looks. But it's a great challenge and mental exercise for me getting way outside my comfort zone.

Meanwhile, I have been looking at what others are doing and everything is so fantastic. This is going to be a great year!


  1. I've been surrounded by electrical issues my entire life and my dad was an electrician! My childhood home constantly blew things out and bare wires..I've touched far too many! No wonder we glow in the dark! Your work is all so will all flow back into the circuit again..bit by bit. I can feel the humming, now ;)

  2. I didn't realize you were at the grocery store! I could have called later. tee hee

    I just know you have some great ideas and I want to see them come to life. 2012 is the year. I love honoring the women who inspired us to stitch so I feel a kinship with your project already.

    I'll go look through some trims today. I'll be going to the post office tomorrow.


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