Monday, December 12, 2011

CQJP Theme

The theme of my CQJP will tell the story of the Wednesday Quilters - the ladies you see in these photos, plus a few more who wandered in and out, including me!
This group of women consisted of my mother and most of her sisters, five of whom you see here. One sister had passed away before their weekly quilting started. When my daughter was born, I started attending these weekly sessions. A couple of cousins usually showed up too. It was something I looked forward to each week, and continued for years. 


  1. I sure hope your 1st pic will have a prominent place on your quilt.

    I imagine letters joined together like a banner that says Wednesday above and Quilters below that picture--hey, there's your focal point! *wink*

  2. I should have raed your comment online. I see what you mean now. Yes, I plan on using that picture.

  3. Haven't you shared this pic before? I swear I've seen it before today! Anyway, it is such a great picture that speaks of family, friends, and much a part of your life.


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