Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I came back from the Houston Quilt Festival with a lot of pictures, inspiration, and good intentions. I have actually pulled out a UFO that I'm determined to finish. I've also committed to continue this blog, for what it's worth, and to minimize my time on the evil Facebook, the spawn of Satan. Moreover, I've moved all my sewing downstairs

which gives me more room although it needs a tiny bit of organization (I'm working on it, okay?). While I don't think I'll be  invited to join this crowd at least I'm not squeezed into a broom closet like before. (Also, nice shot of the trash can.)

On the right is the lovely lady who bought one of my Alzheimer's Art Quilts. We shared not only a love of quilts but our names: both Deborahs and even had the same surname. . Hey, we even LOOK alike (a little). Got to meet Ami Simms, too. Four of my quilts sold at Houston!

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the UFOs I have dragged out to salvage and hopefully finish--some early applique work. You can offer advice on how I should finish them.

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