Sunday, November 20, 2011


Trying to go from this: 


to this:

to this:

has not been easy. That little circle on the bottom of the cup has been giving me fits. My daughter says it looks like the cup is upside down. I'm hoping that quilting around it to give it more definition will solve that problem. Otherwise, I'm pretty please with this as a first effort. I loved the process. I read several articles and web sites on doing this kind of thing, all very helpful and I see where I could change some things and make it easier next time. It's always fun to try new things, even if I get stumped.

Today I am on the hunt for storage bins to organize the new sewing digs. It's ridiculous - so many bags and bins. I like this arrangement:

from this website which I think is a great idea. Clear bins let you see what is in them, no tops to keep up with, take on and off, etc. I like this.

I'm leaving in a minute or two to have breakfast with the family, then grocery shopping.  Later I plan on organizing my shopping and doing some online research to see if ordering some things online would be more efficient and cost-saving than driving to the warehouse place (B.J.'s), given what gas has become.  I know some sites offer free shipping for a minimum order. has a lot of stuff I normally buy about once a month, and they offer free shipping with a $25.00 order.

I hear the clump clump of DH's boots. I guess it's time to go.

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