Wednesday, November 30, 2011

AAQI Update

Beth Hartford is an AAQI Board Member and Priority: Alzheimers Art Quilt registrar. This post is about her purchase of one of the priority quilts at the Houston IQF this November.  If you have purchased or donated a quilt to this worthy cause, you should read this post.

The AAQI also recently held a Stanley Cup Quilt-Off which raised over $17,000.  Here are photos of the amazing and beautiful quilts that were donated, and the quilters who made them. 

It is a joy for me to make these quilts and donate them to a cause that is so dear to my heart: a cure for Alzheimer's Disease.  My mother and three of her siblings had Alzheimers and now my mother-in-law is suffering from the disease. To be able to do something I love, and that Mom and her sisters so enjoyed doing together, and also help fight the disease that took so many of them from us, is a privilege. 


  1. How lovely of you to talk about our fabulous Beth as well as your own commitment to this fabulous cause. As someone wearing her own lifejacket in an overcrowded A.D. rowboat, it is a sad boat to be in... but I know I have the support of so many others who are just as motivated to row along with me! With our kind of energy and passion, we just have to find a means of prevention, hard core treatment..or Please!...a cure before any more families have to go through what we have!

  2. Michele, we are all in it together. I know hardly anyone who has not been touched by this wretched disease. If only I could have done more for my mother! I hope this effort will ease others' suffering.


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