Sunday, November 27, 2011

December Alzheimer's Art Quilt Auction

The AAQI December Auction begins in four days. Mini-quilts make great gifts. Like this one and this one and this and here.

All the quilts are donated by quilters around the United States. All proceeds go to the AAQI which supports research and awareness initiatives about Alzheimer's Disease. AAQI has raised more than $679,000 since January 2006.

Please support the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.


  1. I hope they are planning a big push for Christmas/holiday themed pieces this month or mine will languish for a year. Timing is everything to be included in the auctions.

  2. Your quilts are darling, Deborah! I love that so many of us are bloggers as well as volunteers and quilt donators! It's such a special group to belong to for so many reasons.

  3. Thanks Michele. I just finished another this weekend. I was at the Houston Festival this year and visited the AAQI booth, where I got to meet Ami Simms. I admire her so much for starting this effort.


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