Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yet Another Tempting Quilt Project

Quilting ADD strikes again. This utterly charming quilt project found me and is calling my name. On the other hand, all the UFOs upstairs in the Quilting Closet are saying "No! Stop!"

Wonder who will win this battle.

DH and I are up early and trekking over to ST. Joseph's to get our second third TB test read - long story about #2 - so that we can volunteer on Dec. 25th with the B'Nai Brith Pinch Hitters. We are assigned to St. Joseph's Hospital from 7 to 11 am on Christmas Day. Getting the TB tests has taken longer that then number of hours we will be volunteering. But it is worth it and the hospital staff are extremely grateful. Plus, we get a T-shirt.

Stressful times at work what with yet more budget cuts and we are barely covering bases as it is. Will have to get very creative this year.

Sometime this week I will post pictures of a couple of doll quilt tops I whipped together on Sunday, about an hour before we left to hear the Irish Tenors at the Cobb Energy Pavilion. What a wonderful, low-key evening, and what a generous gift from my brother and his wife. They treated me and the two girls, plus four other friends to an evening of soothing, nostalgic Irish and Christmas music. This trio's voices are fabulous. I must be getting old, to find such stuff entertaining. Well, there's a lot to be said for it.

I will post pictures (calm down, legions of readers) - I thin it's hilarious that i have an entire day to quilt and find inspiration in the last free hour I have in the day.

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  1. Maybe you can do one UFO, then a block, one UFO, then a block, one UFO, then a block--get the rhythm?? *wink*


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