Sunday, December 20, 2009

In case you wondered...

Here's a closeup of the quilt I'm making for the fall inspired quilt challenge, which I'm not linking, because i'm too lazy and I already linked in a previous post. Link is on the side bar, too, so I don't need to link here. I hope this thing turns our all reight. I have this nightmare that the person who gets it will hate it and blog about hating it, linking to my blog and i will be inundated with cruel and humiliating comments. I should stick to the traditional. I am not now and never have been an artiste.

See that pile of blue/white scraps at the bottom (once again, too laszy to readjust the photos). Really not into bloggin just at the moment.

Well, here is an example of what I've been doing with them. Making small quilts. About four so far.

Here's one or two:

Here's the apron I talked about in a previous post. I love the fabric but my pattern drafting skills need honing:

Last but not least, fabulous challah french toast casserole. Yum. I could eat this all day. In fact I usually do eat it all day when I make it. It's delicious with syrup and butter, just like the French toast you fix in a frying pan. You can put the butter you saved not frying it on top and then smother with syrup or preserves. About the most wonderful breakfast-comfort food I can think of.

This morning our director provided breakfast for the admin staff and a few other scraggly folks (like me) who don't fit in anywhere else. The spread included bagels, muffins, pastry, donuts, fruit. I managed to limit myself to a bagel and one of those entirely empty caloried small white sugar donuts. Oh how I lurve donuts and coffee. I drank three cups and under the influence of mammoth quantities of caffeine, regaled the group with stories of my depraved relatives who reside in Miami, need I say more?

Oh: I did go to the gym yesterday (40 minutes on the treadmill/bike, weights) and tonight (40 minutes on the treadmill, a few weights).

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  1. Oh My you have been busy! i love that fall quilt!


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