Monday, December 21, 2009

Where in the world...

It's interesting and kind of exciting to check your sitemeter and see who's been visiting your blog. I've had hihts from Turkey, Jerusalem, Gloucestershire - all by mistake, probably but still... one can hope someone will be interested enough to comment and stick around. It's interesting how some people just will not comment on blogs, not just this one but any. I am a regular reader of Althouse and occasionally leave a comment - a lame comment but still - and she has probably hundreds of thousands of readers but it's the same 10-20 commenters all the time. It's a unique group, a very erudite, literate, articulate group and I'm either brave or sublimely stupid to leave comments but I can't resist. I'm generally ignored which is fine, but I get why blogs are so popular. It provides people with an outlet for their frustrations, and is a place where you can be heard, even if you are ignored.

This blogging is a strange phenomina. Wonder where it will be an 10 years?


  1. or it could be they use a Reader (like me...I use Google's) and until Reader software makes it easier to comment, it involves actually clicking thru to the blog to make a comment..if you are reading fast (I have hundreds of blogs I attempt to follow).. sometimes it just doesn't happen..

    Not sure if Google's Wave will catch on..but that may be the direction of blogging, tweeting, email, instant messaging..all rolled into one 'thing'..not sure if I LIKE the idea of it all happening in realtime..we'll far I can't even convince myself to try out Facebook or Twitter...

  2. I use Google reader sometimes too, and I know what you mean. It does take a lot of time to stop reading & comment. I do like FAcebook - it's easier keeping up with friends and family than email, I like the ability to link to articles and post photographs.


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