Sunday, December 20, 2009

Debra Spincic

If I'm the first person to nominate Debra for this award, I'll be amazed.

I don't know anyone who works harder at her art than Debra, or anyone who is more creative.

Not only that, she is the most amazingly generous and thoughtful person I've ever known.

Debra leads the way and inspires the rest of us to contribute to causes such as Quilts of Valor for injured servicemen, quilts for a local homeless women's shelter, Homeless Teen Quilts, quilts for the Teen Pregnancy Program at a local high school (you can click the link on the sidebar to see the posts).

I wanted to nominate her for this blog award for her leadership and inspiration to others, as well as her generosity with her time and resouces. When she's done with one service project, she goes looking for another one.

And on top of all that, she's incredibly optimistic, forward thinking, and supportive of other quilters' efforts at not just quilting but.. blogging.

(Debra might be my last and only blog reader. I hope to meet her in person at the Houston Quilt Festival one of these days and thank her for sticking with me.)

Thanks, Debra, for helping to bring out the best in us quilters!

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  1. Gosh, Deb, thanks! Now I am blushing! But, that is really sweet.

    Yesterday & Friday I worked on this tablecloth and placemat/napkin set for Brent and Laura. When I showed it to Wes, I said, "I wonder why we don't have anything cute like this" to which he replied, "Because you give it all away". OK, well, duh.


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