Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slow as ketchup

Here are a couple of pictures of the QOV that is taking me forever to finish. I'm really tired of this quilt. I got the striped border on, then it still wasn't large enough so last night I added yet another border but had run out of the fabric I used for most of the quilt. Debra had sent several patriotic themed fabrics, one of which I used for the outer border. I had to piece it but I think it will blend in and look fine.

This quilt top was going well until I started the outer border, which I don't have pictured here yet. It's not my best work, but it will be okay I think once it's quilted. I'm not ripping anything out, since I must have done so about a hundred times yesterday. If you look closely you will see some flaws. It comes from having to really stretch your fabric. My mistake was not working in some of the other fabrics Debra sent, once I started using these three pieces, I couldn't find a way to work anything else in. Well, now I'm gonna have to.

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When I finally finish this top, I'm working on something compeltely different for awhile. Debra has the right idea to move these charity quilts along, as they get pretty tiresome for me after awhile if I try too hard. I think you have to keep them moving and not get hung up on anything, or like me, you will get so tired of it. I would have been fine if I could have stopped afte the checkerboard border.

Oh well. Moving along....


  1. One morning this winter I woke up and realized that unless something takes less than a week to work on it, I begin to lose interest. On my CQ projects, which I know will take longer, I remind myself that I have a "new stage" coming soon on it and can revive my interest. But, once I have "seen" my idea come to life, I am done with the quilt. Time to move on.

    It's a good lesson that you learned--realizations can be powerful to help us change our habits (if we listen to them).

  2. I love the star, but I know what you mean about getting tired of it. I just seem to pick things that are way above my abilities and it takes so long to learn the technique.


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