Thursday, February 26, 2009


I really intended to post pictures yesterday but I got a call at 2 am that my husband was being taken to the emergency room because he was having chest pains. So that's where I was all day yesterday, from 2 am until 7 pm.

He is fine, was not having a heart attack. He had a cardiac catheterization around 1:00 m and there was no blockage, so he will have follow up outpatient procedures to try and determine the cause. Perhaps it's gastrointestinal - who knows?

So I had about 4 hours sleep and at my age, that's not good. I managed to get into work for about an hour to clear out one thing that was bothering me, then back to the hospital to wait and doze.

I'm just grateful everything is okay. This has happened before, but you always wonder if this time it's really a heart attack.

On a side note, the nurse in the catheterization lab told me they do from 30-40 of those procedures Monday through Friday, just at this hospital. Wow. That's a lot of folks.

Nowdays, if they see a blockage, they insert a stint then and there.

I'm going to do my best to update today because I know thousands of loyal lurkers are holding their collective breath!

Take care!


  1. Oh, Deborah, how scary! The stress and lack of sleep make it even harder to cope. I'm glad that it wasn't a heart attack!

  2. I'm so sorry, Deborah, I am so behind on my reading.
    Will continue to pray for you and your hubby. I am also thankful it wasn't a heart attack!


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