Sunday, March 1, 2009


Today we had a snow storm down here in the sunny south, maybe a couple of inches. Thankfully it did not hamper traveling on the roads but it's cold, wet and now windy. maybe the roads will be dry tomorrow. It was a very pretty snow, big fat flakes. My daughter is hoping everything freezes tonight and schools will be closed.

I had a productive day. I finished the quilt from hell (while watching Season 2 of "24"), baked 3 loaves of bread, cleaned behind the stove, read the paper, and grocery shopped - early, before the snow. Gosh, we were running low on everything: coffee, wash powders, cat litter, cat food, tooth paste, mouth wash, soap - you name it. All the essentials. We left BJ's a lot better off than when we got there.

After the snow, I walked down to Kroger and bought a paper. DD#2 came along and wanted macaroni and cheese for lunch, the orange stuff in the box.

So I'm pretty tired, too much to take pictures of the demon quilt but will post them on my regular Wednesday show and tell, for all my legions of fans. It's very windy outside and those tall skinny pine trees behind my house look like they're going to snap.

Next weekend is the sewing expo here in Georgia and I'll be going with my sister in law. I had a good time there last year.

I'm ready for a hot shower and bed.

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  1. Seems everyone is having snow--except us, Thank Goodness!


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