Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hello everyone.

Dang, it's been 10 days since my last post. Since that time, I have worked, made a skirt, baked bread, worked, gone to a birthday/anniversary party, worked, "landscaped" around the mailbox in the front yard, worked, went fabric shopping, watched a few very bad movies and one pretty good one, watched Season 4 of NYPD Blue, worked...

I have no quilty news to report. Oh, wait.

I can't really talk about this because it's a surprise but I will keep you posted as it progresses. Someone I know is getting a quilt later this spring as a gift. Debra knows about it. I was recruited because the person who thought this up works with me. Another quilter came up with the design which is very ambitious but I think it can be done. I hope so anyway. I guess we could give her the fabric and the design and an I.O.U.

Other good news. My daughter was accepted to the college of her choice. She is sticking to her plan to become a vet. This means 4 years of graduate school at either UGA or Auburn. $$$$$$.

Last night we attended the 50th anniversary/75th birthday party of a dear friend and his wife. (He was 75)> It was very touching because he was totally surprised and overcome with emotion. So many of their friends were there as well as their three sons who live out of state and who are rarely together at the same time. The oldest son grilled a thick steak or two and I'm telling you - it was to die for - it would convert the most die hard vegetarian. Everybody there was pressing him for the recipe which he could not remember because he really just made it up! Also, there was B's famous, delicious roated potatoes and Yorkshire pudding - typical British fare and why, do you ask? They are originally from the UK, as most of their friends who were in attendance were. I think we were the only totally American family there - everyone else was at least married to a Brit. We were honored. And the food was to die for... who says British food is bad? They've never tasted Mrs. B's cooking!

I have a couple of QOV quilt tops going (Debra!); they are totally improvised. I'm just throwing blocks together and seeing what turns out. At the very least, they will be interesting.

I am in the market for a dress form. I have decided there is a consipiracy within the pattern business to drive me crazy. No two size 12-14-16 are the same. My body, since giving birth twice, was never the same. Even when I lost the pregnancy weight, nothing fit. Nothing still fits. nothing in the stores, nothing I sew. So I'm getting a dress form somehow and we'll see if that helps.

And, last but not least, it's PROM season! And DD#2 is going, and GUESS who's making the dress?

This dress, a Vera Wang, was her initial choice. It retails for $280. Bluefly has it for $120 or so.

I am making this by a Simplicity pattern which is virtually identical. I got the fabric on sale from for about $20.00. It's a very high quality satin. Lining and a georgette sash (instead of the ribbon) will probably be another $20-30. About $50-60 overall, with notions and such. We won't talk about the time, that's a labor of love. I'm a bottom line kind of girl anyway.

Simple and elegant; cheap and cheerful!

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  1. You definitely have plenty going on! Show us pics of the prom dress as you work on it--should be pretty, OK?


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