Friday, March 6, 2009


I took a vacation day today (Friday) and immediately felt guilty about it yesterday when I left work. I have so much to do, I'll never get caught up. The last time I had scheduled a day off, I didn't take it. I went to work. My boss even commented that I schedule annual leave, then come to work. I'm not a workaholic, I swear. I don't know what's come over me in my old age. :-)

But today I am determined to stay home and get things done. I have a hair appointment, a birthday present from DH. If I'd known he was going to do this, I would have scheduled a massage to go along with it, something I've always wanted to do and my salon offers them at a pretty good price. Or a facial. Something extra. But getting my hair done will be a big lift. I hate it when it gets long and shaggy, that doesn't work for me any more. I have been using the same hair salon for 34 years. I used to go to the owner but he got to be way too expensive. I've changed stylists a number of times, as they've moved on, but stayed with the same shop.

I will be 59 in 4 days. I can't quite grasp that yet.

Tomorrow some friends are treating me to breakfast. Then my SIL and I are going to the Sewing and Quilt Expo. I attended last year - when I think, as a matter of fact, it was snowing a little but I went anyway - and enjoyed it. I'm glad Judy is able to go with me, it'll be a lot more fun with someone along. She's gone a little crazy in the fabric buying department, though. We may also pay a visit to Discover Mills, which I've heard a lot about but have never visited. Lawrenceville is WAY out of my stomping grounds - although I was just there Tuesday, on a visit to the library.

So Saturday will be a full, fun day with my favorite person, Judy. And this is getting to be a lot of sleep deprived, caffeine induced babbling so I'm going to take myself to the couch, put on a movie and see if that doesn't lull me back to sleep. Good thing I don't have to work today isn't it?


  1. I am off to the hair salon today too--need to do a little coverup on some grey hairs before Brent's wedding! I figure 2 weeks out gives me time to get used to the new cut too.

    Enjoy your day off. I am sure you deserve it.

  2. Happy Birthday! Pamper yourself and let everyone else pamper you, too. Enjoy your Friday off and have a great time Saturday at the Quilt Expo!


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