Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Quilters

Debra sent me a box of patriotic fabrics & miscellaneous blocks for making Quilts of Valor. Many possibilities here.

Here's a UFO from the wayback machine. I participated in a friendship block swap in 1997 - that's the date on the blocks - and just now getting it put together. That is shameful. I still have enough blocks for a second small quilt.
This is DD#1's cat quilt started, oh, two or three administrations ago. I debated about putting this together with sashings but didn't have enough of any one fabric that would coordinate all these scrappy blocks. My goal is to get these UFOs done, not agonize over their artistic merits. DD#1 thinks it's a great, funky quilt because as she said, "YOU made it, Mom." I like that. Still needs a border, though.
This is Dexter. When he crosses one paw over the other like that, I just crack up.
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I'm meeting my goals of moving the UFOs along, even though they are not completely complete. That will be when they are quilted and bound; however, they're not languishing, I've pulled them out and I'm putting them together.
I will be more thoughtful about a few of them, like the appliqued Baltimore-style basket blocks I did a while back. But these are moving right along.
I feel like it's been a fairly productive week. I could have done more, but most of my sewing is done on the weekends. I'm just too worn out after working all day, usually. I prefer knitting or embroidery in the evenings. However, this past Sunday I helped my sister in law do some downsizing. They are doing some work on their house in anticipation of selling (one day). SIL's mother is a long time pack rat
collector of all things, including every piece of paper she's ever laid a hand on ;-), beanie babies (about 200), coins, stamps (thousands, all unorganized and in boxes and envelopes). SIL desperately needed help going through all this stuff and deciding what to keep and what to pitch. Her mother is 92 years old and had a fall about a week ago. She seems to be okay, but will be needing some in-house care. SIL felt her room needed a makeover before that happens so I was glad to lend a hand. Still, it took all day and we did not finish, so it cut into my sewing time on Sunday.

Hope you are having a creative and productive week, and thanks to Debra for her generous fabric donations


  1. If your daughter doesn't mind swirls on her cat quilt, I can quilt it for you. Maybe you could find some cat fabric for the backing. Just send it along when you send some soldier quilts to me.

    Good for you for cleaning out! It must be catching! *wink*

    I'd put all the maple leaf blocks together in one quilt and be done with it! I did a maple leaf quilt in the mid-90s too. You and I have some similiar timeframes.

  2. lovely work! Doesn't it feel good to get some things finished?


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