Sunday, January 11, 2009

Annual Shopping Extravaganza

Well -- it won't be an extravaganza for me, but for DDs 1 & 2, as this is their annual Hannukah shopping trip. We waited this year for the after Christmas Sales (how ironic is that?).

Last year, the daughters, my sister in law and I had a kind of impromptu day at Atlantic Station and Ikea. Spent the entire Sunday shopping. We've decided to make it an annual event and today was the first Sunday we could all get together. We're meeting at 9 am at The Flying Biscuit, a restaurant we love (but DH hates, sadly) and then we will be taking off.

Hope the weather holds out. It poured last night but supposedly will just be cloudy today, no rain. We need rain but hey, could I get a reprieve just for today?

More quilty news tomorrow.

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