Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Blogger formerly known as...

Well folks, here I am again. After a slight melt down on November 6, 2008, I am back fighting the good fight.

That is to say, the fight to keep my fabric stash to a reasonable level; the fight to finish all those UFOs; the fight to keep this blog updated and running on something besides fumes.

First up: my resolutions for 2009. I have only one: to make 2009 the best year of my life so far. To do that, I will think positively, I will eat healthily, and I will live frugally.

Thinking positively - I will make time for me, and not feel guilty about it. I will sew and knit and quilt whenever I have time and not feel that I am neglecting the two adults and one near-adult who live in this house with me. They can find their own amusements at this point in their lives. Don't they disappear either to their rooms or the den to watch TV or surf the internets? Do they ask me if it's okay with me for them to glue themselves to monitors and TV screens and cell phones, leaving me to amuse myself?

Eat healthily -
ChefMD's Big Book of Culinary Medicine: A Food Lover's Road Map to Losing Weight, Preventing Disease, and Getting Really Healthy got my attention. You should read it too. Find out about the foods that are good for you, bad for you, and can help prevent chronic health problems.

Live frugally - I'm not made of money, in case you didn't know. I have my eye on a digital SLR. How to reconcile those two facts? SAVE MONEY. Which means, and this is something it has taken me a long time to figure out, don't spend. The accumulation of wealth is a direct result of not spending your money. Maybe investing helps but listen, one thing at a time. So I will not buy frivolously, or impulsively but will think hard about what I really need, or really want. Also I will faithfully participate in the $1.00 savings program. That is, do not spend $1.00 bills. Put them in a coffee can or sock or something. If you have to spend money, you have to break at least a $5.00. If you can't afford to, then you don't get to use your $1.00's. It's a good way to save up for something like, say, a digital SLR?

No quilty news today but you may wonder what the title of this blog is all about.

My mother had six sisters. They all, every one of them, had a fiber fixation: quilting, embroidery, crocheting, sewing. For many years, they congregated on my aunt's back porch on Wednesday mornings, sewing project in laps, drinking coffee and eating muffins. I spent my Wednesday mornings there from the time I was six months pregnant with my older daughter. She was a certified member of the Wednesday Quilters from the time she was two weeks old, as was the younger one. I firmly believe being around all those loving aunts and cousins is the reason they are such good people. It also was the high point of my week back then and I miss it something awful as they are all but one gone now.

That's the story of the Wednesday Quilter and I'm back in the blogosphere to blather and show and tell and generally be a pest. But a happy, productive, positive thinking pest.


  1. Why don't you organize some kind of Wednesday internet gathering so we can all have fun on Wednesdays with our stitching? Keep it small and informal & I bet some others would come too.

    And, don't forget -- some of us are willing to swap if you need fabric or other supplies!

  2. thanks for sharing the story of your mom and her six sisters. I love the quilts shown. it must've been nice to actually sit around and chat and do something productive together like that. happy holidays!

  3. Lovely family, and lovely memories. Not to mention the quilts.

  4. Well said! I feel you on the taking care of yourself after taking care of others for so long. I am doing the same. And I'll be around to talk shop.


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