Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Haifa, Part I

street markets behind the Gallery Hotel in Haifa

Maybe not the most beautiful view of Haifa, Israel but certainly one of the most interesting. We stayed at an interesting hotel in an older, historic area, the Gallery Hotel. Behind the hotel there were numerous street markets selling everything imaginable.  The intensity of aromas from spices and foods was incredible. 

Arriving fairly late, we took a taxi from Tel Aviv. The hotel is located in an older but historic part of Haifa which is undergoing tremendous renovation. The street in front of the hotel was completely torn up, and honestly, after traveling for hours, it was a bit of a let down.  But once in the hotel, my anxiety vanished because not only was it extremely clean but quite interesting. Art is everywhere - scupture, paintings, whimsical pieces like this:
and this

There was an entire museum on the top floor, which we never made it to, and beautiful roof top views:

The staff is very gracious, friendly, and helpful; intrigued by our Southern accents.  Rooms in Israel are very small - at least ours were - but comfortable. That night we went to the dining room, very hungry, and were served enough food for a family. After the second course I just had to stop.

It was very hot when we were first in Haifa. We went up to Mt. Carmel, to the Bahai Gardens, walked all the way down to Ben Gurion Street in the German Quarter. 

I know I will go back to Israel. I hope to retire in 3-4 years and my husband and I plan to visit both Israel and England, our two favorite places.

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