Sunday, February 3, 2013

CQJP 2012- Finished

The Wednesday Quilters

In memory of my mother & her sisters:

Gladys Fields

Peggy Singley

Nell Miller

Emma Hughes

Polly Morris

Ella Mae Hawkins

The sisters met on Wednesdays at Gladys's house where she had her quilting frames set up on her back porch.  I quit working full time after my first daughter was born and Allison and I became regulars. A few years later Elizabeth came along. Two of my cousins had joined the group and it became an old fashioned sewing bee - quilting, sewing, embroidering - and lots of coffee and good things to eat and conversation. The gatherings continued until the sisters had to move from their homes of 50 or more years. They had lived in the neighborhood since the 1930's, and all but one sister built their homes there after they married. 

I have many very happy memories of those days and I'm happy to have this to pass on to my daughters to remember these good strong women.


  1. You've created a beautiful heirloom for your children to treasure!

  2. Each one of these wonderful stitchers is thanking you for remembering & passing on her legacy.

  3. Beautiful quilting and a wonderful memory quilt.

  4. Your quilt really turned out beautifully and is the perfect tribute to your aunts and mother.


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