Monday, February 18, 2013

CQ 2013

 Beginning CQ 2013 project using some very old UFO appliques. These are based on Mimi Dietrich's book Baltimore Beauties. These blocks have a lot of dimensional applique. The original intent was to do four blocks for each season.  The plan now, based on suggestions from my Tuesday Stitchers group, is - as you can see - to use 4 blocks for the center, add a border to make it 27" square. That will allow me to make 12 9" CQ blocks for the sides, top, and bottom and the remaining four appliqued blocks will become the corners.

This is one of the CQ blocks I've been working on. My concern is that it is too dark although I love the rich colors.

Suggestions and comments are welcome!

1 comment:

  1. What a great idea! At present, the pieced block does appear to be dark. However, I think that is because it is such a contrast to the center cream background; and because it is only one block. If you had that pieced block repeated around the entire outside of those four center would be more balanced. You might want to play around with some photos and surround the center...then decide if will be a better balance. And, remember...those darks can be filled with seam embroidery in the same colors that the applique blocks are...making it all come together.

    So, I say...go for it!




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