Sunday, January 13, 2013


I chose to alter the final arrangement for several reasons. The concentration of the white in the center of the quilt was distracting to me.  I felt it detracted from the other blocks.  Secondly, I did not do a good job softening the edges of the white triangles and they seemed harsh.  I had also miscalculated one of the blocks and made it about 2 inches smaller tha the others and had to add to it. This was the center block on the top row so I decided to move it to a less conspicuous - I felt - location.

Whether this arrangement was a good or bad decision, I do not know. Over time I will be more objective. However, my intent in making this quilt was to remember my mother and her sisters, who were the "Wednesday Quilters" in my blog title. They are all but one gone now but when I worked on this quilt, and when I look at this quilt, I can hear them and feel them. So I am just happy that I finished (it will be finished very soon!) this, and can hang it in my home so that I and my daughters will always remember them and their love of quilting and family. 

So whether this will win any awards or be praised by anyone but me and my family, I don't really care. I will always have these ladies close to my heart. 


  1. That's the most important thing: that you have created from love, honoring memories and the people close to your heart. This has been a labour born of love and respect, and to have your quilt hanging in your home, where you can see those special women every day, and remember the times you've shared creating with them, and learning from them, will be wonderful.

  2. You made it into a true heirloom.
    You are so right about the white patches around the center, it was the first thing that caught my eye. It looked like a star. I'm glad you changed it.
    Congratulations on this finish!

    1. If I were to do it over, I would use the linen pieces in a more subtle way. Seemed like a good idea initially but as I progressed they seemed to overwhelm the rest of the quilt. Learned a lot from this experience. There may be no rules but there are strong suggestions! :-)


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