Monday, January 21, 2013

This Quilt May Never Be Finished

I thought I was nearly finished but I saw this lovely moire fabric at the store and thought it would be perfect as a border on my CQJP quilt. Then I ran across some lace and put it up against the moire .... then I thought how lovely some beads would be.....


I definitely will add the fabric border, not that wide of course.

These are the embroideries Debra sent me a while back, and the little cross stitch piece - from goodness knows how long ago - which seem to go together. I think these would make a lovely CQ for the CQJP 2013.  I will have to get moving on this if I plan to do it. I'm already three weeks behind. 


  1. If you put a little button on the lace instead of beads, you could sew them on by machine.

    Those red flowers would be very pretty for a CQ. Red is calling me too.

  2. That border and lace seem perfect for your quilt.


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