Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday and Sharon's Band Sampler

Sharon at PinTangle shows today how she makes a band sampler. I remembered a beautiful piece of linen I have with what looks like a hand crocheted border:

The size of the linen piece is about 7", which would be perfect.  Whether I'll use this for the TAST challenge remains to be seen. :-)

I've come up with an arrangement for the cq that I'm happy with. I still need to work on the bottom center block, but I think this has a more balanced look. I'll use blocks in the corners without any of the linen pieces.

This nine block arrangement will work out perfectly for my plan. There were six sisters, who will have one of the six blocks on the top and bottom rows. The center rows will consist of pictures I have of all the sisters, as well as a little nod to my grandmother and a seventh sister, both of whom had passed away before their renewed interest in quilting back in the 1970's but who shared their love of needlework.

 I'm still testing various ways to do the center block. I think the blue is too much of a contrast - I'm looking for a way to blend it into the surrounding blocks. I'm happy with this arrangement - everything else is still in the WIP stage.

TAST began last night and I have begun work on my sampler pages. I've been looking for varieties of the fly stitch both on Sharon's web site, Pin Tangle and other web sites, particularly examples from the group on the TAST Group on Stitching Fingers. I'm so enthralled by the huge variety of work stitchers in the group are doing. There are some amazing embroiderers in the TAST group. What a great opportunity to master the art of hand embroidery.


  1. I didn't notice before. It seems like the center piece is in the middle of a star motive.
    The left, right and upper adjacent blocks form six points. Only the bottom adjacent block hasn't two points but one (at the left).

  2. The block at the bottom will be altered to be more simile to the others. Once the embellishments are add ed this will not look so much like a "star".

  3. Looks good to me! I was happy to finally find your blog. I thought you and Debra were the same person. LOL

  4. Judy, the more I look at it, the more I like it. Still thinking about the center block and how to make it work with the rest of the piece.


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