Monday, January 23, 2012

CQJP Progress

Feather Stitch

Finished the first photo of Aunt Emma with her husband Walter. They could not have been married for very long in this picture. Second picture, not sure how I want to proceed. Any suggestions? Would a simple blanket stitch be okay, considering how fancy the first picture is?

When will this stomach bug go away?
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  1. How great! I can comment again! Yea!

    Embellish away on the photos! You can do a blanket stitch now and always come back and do more later.

  2. The lace frame around the left picture is very pretty.
    As you have a lot of straight lines in your block I think a trim with a scalloped edge would look nice around the right picture.

    1. I agree. Breaking up all those very straight lines is the next order of business. Try to work on some curves.

      I would definitely come into your aunt's picture at the right hand side and cover that dead space beside her. By doing that you can create some interest while hiding something uninteresting.

    2. My personal prejudice are seams that all congregate in one spot. I know it is the nature of CQ but I don't like it.

      So, I would add something on the section near the picture that covers the black part of the picture and that seamed section the corner of the picture is pointing towards. I'd just get rid of that whole section and hide it under a button cluster, piece of doily or something.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts. I'll experiment this week & post my progress.


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